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Introducing Living Garden for HOME use

HOME use

For anyone who wants to enjoy gardening, we propose the idea of the "Living Garden". Create a relaxing space where "home" and "garden" are integrated. Feel the changing seasons and the beauty of nature with all 5 of your senses, enriching your life and promoting health. Takasho HOME use provides ideas and products based on DIY garden design. We offer a wide variety of products that help you to create your very own garden scene. Produced in our own factory, to Japanese-quality standards, our DIY gardening products add high value to your garden.

Takasho Collections

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See what you can grow… Designed with ergonomics in mind, the raised and unique V-shape simultaneously allows for shallow and deep growth. With a posture-saving working height and easy wheelchair access. The VegTrug was designed to bring grow-your-own to everyone, whether you have a garden or not.

Be Wood

The authenticity of timber in a lightweight, durable aluminium. BeWood is a Japanese architectural timber-look profile, made of aluminium components with a wooden pattern finish. It enhances creativity in your garden and outdoor areas by offering a natural look and a variety of textures and colours.

Garden Decoration

Create a stunning focal point in your garden. Enhance the overall look of your garden with metal wire garden decorations from our collection. Being both practical and stylish, our garden decorations are an ideal way to support plants, such as entwining plants, and provide a place that enables better sunlight exposure.

Green house

Get ready for the growing season with garden greenhouses. Whether you’re looking for a miniature greenhouse for a patio or a walk-in greenhouse with lots of growing space, you’ll find what you need in our collection.


Create a comfortable space by blocking harsh sunlight or rain.

Screen & Fence

Protect your space by adding extra privacy.


Make it easier to go out to your garden by connecting it to the house.

Garden Furniture

The main character of garden life, creating a more inviting space.


Create a relaxing, happy space that allows you to reduce stress by spending time in nature.


Enjoy both daytime and night-time in your garden.


Discover a relaxing space where “house” and “garden” are united. Feel the changing seasons and the beauty of nature with all 5 of your senses. We think this makes you healthier and richer and our products are created with this in mind.