Creating a relaxing space where “house” and “garden” become one.

Blend your living space with nature

We believe that essential and sustainable wellbeing can be found in your garden as well as your home. We encourage you to create a garden lifestyle that unites the two by creating a ‘living garden’.

This living space mixes nature with your home comforts, so you can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family in a relaxing setting.

Feel close to nature

The garden is a healing space guided by the 5 senses. Enjoy the smell of fresh flowers in the morning and rain drops left from the night before shining in the sunlight.

When you activate your senses, your garden becomes a place of happiness. Integrate your garden into your daily routine and live a more fulfilled life.

Spend time with your family

The garden is the perfect place to spend quality time with your family or friends, whether that’s enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine or doing some gardening together.

Once you learn how to interact with nature, you’ll constantly feel inspired by the new opportunities each season brings.

By expanding your living space to include the garden, you can incorporate the comforts of your own home with nature and experience a more relaxing environment with family and friends.

Grow your own plants for optimal health

There are many things you can do in the garden to make a positive impact on your life. You can grow your own plants and harvest vegetables and fruits to cook with while enjoying the outdoors.

By mixing everyday life with garden activity, you’ll notice an increase in heart health and better overall wellbeing. We find that by adding colour to your garden, you’ll also be adding colour to your life.

Spending time in the garden gives you the chance to experience the change in seasons and the beauty of nature.

We believe this makes people healthier and happier and our products are created with this in mind. Experience your garden with all 5 senses to bring healing and happiness.


Discover ideas and products to help you to create your own garden scene. Produced in our own factory, to Japanese-quality standards, our DIY gardening products add high value to your garden.

Takasho HOME Use is a garden and exterior lifestyle manufacturer born out of Takashow, a company that promotes garden culture around the world, and offers a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle through ‘garden living’.