In the Garden, Something Special is Waiting for You

Nobuo Takaoka
CEO of Takasho Co., Ltd

About Takasho

TAKASHO was established in 1980 with the aim of becoming a global creator of elegant gardens and garden-based lifestyles. When it comes to gardens we believe in the theme of “HEART & ART”, while also spreading garden culture globally.

After World War II, fashion, food, housing, and lifestyles improved. Gardens became integral to homes, alongside the concept of garden lifestyles.

And we think the balance between home and garden, the garden lifestyle, is so important. The elements of wind, light, water and greenery stir the heart, and so we have used this as a theme to develop our business.

There are two broad-ranging categories: PRO use products (materials needed for design and construction) and HOME use products (user-friendly DIY materials).

And as we expand sales for both the PRO and HOME-use markets in the United States, UK, Australia, China, Korea, and Taiwan, our hopes for the future are increasingly becoming larger. Today Takasho is part product planning and development, production, business proposals and sales. We create the stunning concepts based on the area, culture and ideology. And all this with excellent Japanese quality, through our own global creation network.

Gardens can help create healthy and happy lifestyles as well as an enriched future for our society.

TAKASHO also places value in the phrase “people make the future and people create everything.” TAKASHO hopes to grow further as a company that contributes to the wonderful environment and the beautiful aesthetic of Japan’s cultural industry.


In the garden, something special is waiting for you

We always anticipate changes, create new value, and aim to be a global, one-of-a-kind group that contributes broadly to the creation of an urban environment and garden culture.

We will create a rich and peaceful garden life culture centred on the garden.

We pursue satisfaction that exceeds customer expectations.

Continue to deliver high-quality products and services through constant research and development.

Respect and coexist with nature and protect the global environment.

Build a workplace as a personnel-oriented company where the company grows as people grow

Continue to be a socially responsible corporation and promote transparent corporate activities in accordance with laws and fair business practices.

Our Story

We’ve created a new garden culture, that builds the living environment of the next generation. The Takasho Garden Concept is guided by 5 basic elements from nature:

WIND makes trees and flowers sway, conveys the seasons, and embraces nature and people.
LIGHT colours the world, weaves dreams and illuminates people and nature.
WATER breathes life, fills the seasons, and nourishes man and nature.
GREEN is rooted in the earth, covers the earth, and heals people and nature.
HEART & EMOTION Create a relaxing garden, that is founded on these elements.
Through our gardens, we create a happy family life and create a healthy space. All with a smile. The garden is a comfortable and peaceful space for the family and a soothing sight in our every day. Takasho is a garden lifestyle company, bringing the beauty of a rich garden life to the world.
Company Profile Facts & Figures

Company Profile

A global creator of elegant gardens and garden-based lifestyles


Listed in JPX Tokyo Stock Exchange


1170 employees


20 Subsidiaries:
7 domestic companies,
13 oversea companies


Overseas & international:
Australia, China, Germany, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam


Established 1980


Japanese offices:
6 Branch offices,
10 Sales offices

Creating and Connecting Gardens Across the World

Takasho Headquarters

Minami-Akasaka 20-1, Kainan,

Wakayama, 642-0017 JAPAN


Corporate History

We continue to evolve as a company that specializes in gardens and exteriors.
Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development Goals in the Takasho Group

Takasho Co.,Ltd. contributes to society with sustainable development goals based on the philosophy of always anticipating change, creating new value and contributing to the creation of a wide range of urban environments and garden cultures.
Health and well-being

Participated in the Japan Garden Therapy Association

Contribute to extending healthy life expectancy through activities at the Garden Therapy Association

Implemented health checks and stress checks for all employees

Quality of education

Conducting industry workshops at every Reform Garden Club base across the country

Contribute to the development of professionals by establishing a unique master system

Conduct internal product studies to improve employee skills

Implementation of external employee training system

Achieve gender equality

Obtained certification from the Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare as a “Childcare Company”

Establishment of equal recruitment standards for men and women

Implementation of the maternity and childcare leave system

Energy for everyone

100% LED lighting device (LEDIUS)

Own lighting switched to LED

Meaningful work and economic growth

Actively work on various reforms to improve the style of work

Introduce a reduced working time system in addition to the maternity and child-care leave system

Implementation of an external employee training system

A basis for innovation

Obtained ISO-based management system certification in our own factory (Garden Create Co., Ltd., Takasho Digitech Co., Ltd.)

Contributing to the promotion of local industry in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture

Eliminate Inequality

Ensure equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities and creating a globally diverse workforce

Create Livable Cities

Product planning and proposals that add value to homes

Use of artificial intelligence (AI)

Actively involved in local cleaning activities

Contribution to an urban development that’s full of greenery

Product and Consumer responsibility

Carrying out maintenance and after-sales follow-ups for treated products

Created a unique warranty system for some products

Implementation of countermeasures against information leakage within the company

Combat Climate Change

Implementation of paperless internal documents

Participated in the Japan Garden Therapy Association

Promote and protect the rich countryside

Contribute to activities to increase greenery by proactively suggesting planting when suggesting a better life in a garden.

Participated in the Japan Garden Therapy Association

Implementation of paperless internal documents

Peace and justice

Thorough management of fraud prevention

Setting up an internal whistleblower system “Hotline System”



Sponsorship of Alderivo Wakayama

Joint operation with member companies of the Reform Garden Club