Expand the way you live and enjoy your home.

The 5th ROOM®

The 5th ROOM is the setting which combines the best features of your house and garden, creating a calming and welcoming space.

Daily life isn’t limited to the house – your garden also plays an important part of your personal living space. In addition to the 4 room types, the surroundings of your house form the “5th ROOM”.

With its well-balanced design, it creates the perfect atmosphere for residents and visitors that appeals to the senses and promotes a sense of well-being. Takasho products will help enhance and elevate the effect you’re trying to create in the 5th ROOM.

The 5th ROOM is a place that answers two wishes at once.

It combines the relaxation of the living room and dining room with nature, whilst also drawing natural sunlight and breeze into the house.

Your garden as your living room

Make your garden a private area for your family by shielding the view from unwanted observers and you’ll be able to move more freely and enjoy your private garden in peace. When you step out of a room in the house into the garden, you will find a welcoming, independent space.

Your garden as your dining room

Eat in the garden when the weather is nice. Enjoy lively conversations and an open atmosphere when eating alfresco and you’ll naturally hear the increase in laughter of family and friends.

Your garden as your kitchen area

Next to your kitchen, have a space that makes cooking easier and healthier. The vegetable garden is an area of happiness where the joys of growing and eating can be shared.
Why not start a new lifestyle in the garden?

The 5th ROOM is another area in your home where you can relax and feel at ease with nature.

Walking from one room to another, you can step out into the garden for a calming moment.

Here are some examples of garden spaces that can be an extension of your living space, so you to feel closer to nature.

Garden in Japanese style

The design of a Japanese-style garden conveys the atmosphere of the seasons and the experience of nature.

Garden in your front yard

Show off your garden with a creative design for the surrounding neighbourhood to enjoy. Move your front garden bed and plant some greenery, giving passers-by a peaceful feeling.

Garden in front of your bathroom

Add a touch of privacy to your bathroom by screening the neighbours’ view with a privacy screen and provide the sense of a spa with a beautiful garden. This way you can be sure to relax completely.

It’s important to think about how you can make yourself comfortable not only indoors, but outdoors too.

For example, think about the intricate details in your garden like whether you’d like a wall or a fence, a terrace under the sky or specific garden furniture.

All of this will allow you to create the dream garden. Imagine what it would be like to drink tea or coffee there, to read books, to sunbathe. What matters is your imagination. The 5th ROOM will give you an unexpected sense of well-being.