Invite a beautiful seasonal breeze to the home.

The 4 seasons are the essence of Japan.

The delicate sense of Japanese aesthetic has created a beautiful culture that is handed down by generations. We want to honour this.

Takasho products are designed so that natural colour tones work with three-dimensional shapes to create beautiful surfaces, conveying a sense of simple sophistication and tangible expressiveness. In this way, the meaning of the Japanese concept of “Wabi-Sabi” (seeing beauty in nature’s imperfection) becomes visible in the products.


The gentle fragrance of a flower beginning to open in the garden, spring is here.


A swaying song brings peace, drifting away in the summer wind and dancing across green fields.


Dusk hurries towards us, the trees begin to change colour and foretell the coming season.


Trees spread their roots into the earth just as people expand their minds toward the new season.

Takasho implements the guiding principle
of preserving the fine art, rich knowledge
and culture of the Japanese garden.


A perfect replica of natural bamboo

Transform your garden’s atmosphere, adding a traditional or modern Japanese style. EVER BAMBOO® was created for this purpose, following the highest quality standards.

We keep to the timeless techniques of traditional Kyoto craftsmen to create elegant products that replicate the look of natural bamboo for fences and decorations.